AGS-600C – Coated Long Scale Bass

COATED Long Scale Bass


G-1st .045 Nickel Plated Round Wound
D-2nd .065 Nickel Plated Round Wound
A-3rd .085 Nickel Plated Round Wound
E-4th .105 Nickel Plated Round Wound
* Specifications might be changed without notice.



COATED Long Scale Bass

The C.R.T. (Corrosion Resistant Treatment) process shields the metal surfaces from contact with oxygen and moisture. By combining this process with the finest materials, precision drawing, and coating, every set of the AGS C series maintains the familiar, uncoated tone while extending the lifespan longer.

AGS-600C offer long-lasting high performance, crafted from the finest nickel-plated steel wire wrapped around an American hexagonal steel core wire. This construction enhances magnetic response, resulting in brilliant volume, sustained notes, and impressive strength.