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Does Aria have endorsement program?

Yes certainly. We always love to work with musicians.

To apply please send a E-mail to and provide the press-kit of your activities (Band, Solo, Released Materials, Youtube Video, Achievements, etc). Please title the E-mail as “Endorsement”.

Does Aria offer custom-made productions?

Unfortunately Aria does not build customised productions at the moment.

Where can I find a manual?

Please download owner’s manual from here.

aria_manual_00 (

Does Aria sell direct to consumers?

No. Unfortunately we are not in the position to sell products directly to consumers.

All Aria guitar products are exclusively handled by international Aria distributors and available through the local dealers.

To find your nearest distributor please check the below link.

Distributors – Aria Guitars – Electric, Acoustic, Classical Guitars and Bass (

Can I identify my Aria from the serial number?

Unfortunately Aria does not identify model name nor product details from the serial number.

Can I purchase replacement parts for my vintage Aria guitars?

Unfortunately we no longer have replacement parts available for older productions whereas replacement parts for current productions can be available through Aria distributors.

Can I know the value of my Aria?

It is impossible for us to comment about the value of pre-owned Aria products even for insurance purpose or verify the price for re-selling purpose.