Henrik Flyman

Henrik Flyman is a Swedish award winning composer, guitarist and producer. The discography counts over 20 releases and he is frequently touring around the world. To the broader audience he’s best known as the man behind Evil Masquerade which he founded 2003 in Copenhagen and live- and studio guitarist with Lacrimosa since the Sehnsucht world tour 2009. Back home in the studio he also composes for film and TV. For further detail please visit

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Alatau Dybystary logo

Aria Guitars is pleased to announce that Alatau Dybystary is taking on a roll of exclusive Aria distribution in Kazakhstan.
Alatau Dybystary Offers a wide range of acoustic musical instruments (grand pianos, upright pianos, guitars), modern electronic instruments (synthesizers, digital and stage pianos, digital grand pianos, tone generators, electric guitars), professional sound equipment (digital mixing consoles, sound processors, microphones and headphones), electric and acoustic guitar amplification (guitar amps, acoustic guitar amps, electronic drums amps, keyboard amps, vocal microphone amps), musical software and accessories, “Alatau Dybystary” holds the leading positions on Kazakhstan’s market of musical instruments and professional sound gear.

They also expressed that “Constant searching of a new possibilities and widening of business is the key to our success”

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Nicolas Morassutto

Nicolas Morassutto is the guitar player of the band “The Gangsters”.
The Gangsters is a band formed in 2012 by Giacomo Petrussa, Gianluca Margherit and Nicolas Morassutto in Udine, Italy. In the beginning of 2014 they started to record their own songs and released their first album, “Tonight”. In July 2015, 2nd album “Different Shades of Change” was released with fanatical expression of their “Rock Spirits” and was highly reputed among the public despite it was released as self-produced.
In January 2016 bass player Gionata Zorzettig has joined to the band, and The Gangsters is now working for the 3rd album. For further information please visit or



Francelet Moser Tour in Switzerland and Germany.


Francelet-Moser announced tour schedule.

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23.08 Beach House, Murten (CH)

24.08. Bar King, Neuchatel (CH)

09.09. Gerberstock, Kerzens (CH)

17.09. Café A GoGo, Düsseldorf (D) (Special Guest: Susana Jütte – Voc, Andreas Daniel Rodeck – Guitar)

18.09. Die Säule, Duisburg (D) (Special Guest: Matthias Dymke – Piano)

6.10. (oder 7.10.) Kontrabass Festival, Murten (CH)

13.10. La Couronne, Avenches (CH)

14.10. La Couronne, Avenches (CH)

28.10. La Spirale, Fribourg (CH)



The Arusha Accord -Blackened Heart

UK based tech/math metal band The Arusha Accord unveiled their new song after about 8 years since the release of their debut album “The Echo Verses” . They also announced their return to the live stage, up coming June 30 in Reading UK. The guitarist James Clayton is expected to play with his Aria Pro II MAC-LUX. For further detail please visit




Brad Russell

Brad Russell is a New York based bass player and currently freelances on such Broadway hit shows as Grease,
Jersey Boys & Memphis.
In 2008 Brad auditioned and was hired for guitarist Joe Satriani’s world tour.
Recently, Brad completed his CD “Lets Hear It!” which features
guest appearances by Joe Satriani,Gregg Bissonette and Kevin Russell.
Upon Satriani’s recommendation, Steve Vai listened to Brad’s CD and released
it on his label “Digital Nations”.

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Banditos -Fine Fine Day- recorded live

Banditos -Fine Fine Day- Recorded Live.
Check out Aria Pro II “TAB” bass. Thank you Danny and Banditos! Great Sound! Smash ’em All!!
Can’t wait for their new album to be released in June.
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Luci Scott (Chasing Velvet)


Aria guitars is delighted to announce that Luci Scott of Chasing Velvet as an official Aria artist.
CHASING VELVET are the fresh new face of Australian pop-rock, hailing from one of the countries biggest live music scenes: Brisbane. The group consists of vocalist Amira Talbot, guitarist Luci Scott, bassist Jaslyn Olivia and drummer Naomi Grashuis.
Forming in early 2017 through mutual friends and following the release of their debut single ‘Vertigo’, the girls are already on the radar of the international music scene thanks to their ever growing online presence and their quirky, energetic style of music.
The group have their sights set on new horizons and are ready to take on the world with 2017 gearing up to be an enormous year that would make you crazy to miss it!

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Lars Horning (Diretone)


Lars Hørning is a bass player and lead singer of Danish based band “Diretone”.
Diretone is a groove metal band with a thick organic sound, combining heavy grooves, Scorching leads, down-tuned guitars, clean vocal delivery, and a traditional approach to metal songwriting. And instead of venturing into winding and overly technical sections, the focus is on accessibility and the bands impact as a hole. Diretone is essentially a live band a guaranteed to leave heads banging in front of the stage.

Since the band released their self titled debut album in late 2011, Diretone has grown a solid following across the globe. And In 2013 the band was invited to play a couple of shows at the “Meet in Beijing” festival in China.
In spring 2014 the band release a single called “Triggered” and also made their first video appearance for the song. Since then another video was recorded for the song “Drawn to Life”

Diretone has just finished their second album ” Random Spins Fortune Turns “, and have just released their first single ” Race Against Time “. The full album is set to be released in 2017.