AGS-803C/L “3 Set Pack” – Coated Light

COATED” Light Gauge “3 set value pack


E-1st .010 Plain Steel
B-2nd .013 Plain Steel
G-3rd .017 Plain Steel
D-4th .026 Nickel Plated Round Wound
A-5th .036 Nickel Plated Round Wound
E-6th .046 Nickel Plated Round Wound
* Specifications might be changed without notice.



COATED Light Gauge "3 set value pack"

The C.R.T. (Corrosion Resistant Treatment) process shields the metal surfaces from contact with oxygen and moisture. By combining this process with the finest materials, precision drawing, and coating, every set of the AGS C series maintains the familiar, uncoated tone while extending the lifespan longer.

Manufactured to the highest standards, AGS-800C series coated strings are designed to elevate your musical experience, providing enhanced enjoyment and performance. The advanced coating technology ensures accurate sound reproduction while minimizing unwanted noise, allowing you to express yourself with clarity and confidence.