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b.rees_island_elements_festival_h600Photo by Arterium Angledal @ Island Elements Festival

We proudly welcome Brook Rees on-board as an Aria Artist.
Brook is an Australian bass player, and has been performing and recording as a bassist for the past 25 years. He has toured throughout Australia, Asia and Europe and has recorded with artists including Grammy Nominated singer Jai Uttal, Australian Funk/Soul artist Kurtis , award winning Iranian/American writer Sholeh Wolpe and he currently plays a pivotal role in Australian cinematic electro outfit Vesica Pisces.

Vesica Pisces 2017 release “By Water Formed” showcases Brooks commitment to groove bass playing, his strong melodic sensibility and his offerings as a bass playing composer.

Brook writes, performs and records with Vesica Pisces using Aria’s Electric Upright model SWB-Lite-BIS bass.

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