Jake Murdoch from Brisbane, Australia is a multi-instrumentalist, singer,
songwriter & produces his own backing tracks. He plays 16 instruments:
electric guitar, slide guitar, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, piano, drums,
synthesizer, harmonicas, tambourine, bongos, congas, stompbox, ukulele,
kazoo, cajon, banjo and performs lead and backing vocals. Jake also sings
in 3 different languages.

Jake has appeared on Australian television and has been interviewed in many
magazines and newspapers nationwide for his performances and songwriting

Jake’s career highlight is as a guest performer playing on stage with
Andrew Farriss with his full band The Rainmakers at Moonshiners Honky Tonk Bar in Tamworth in April 2022. An incredible honour! In November 2022 Jake was invited again to perform with Andrew and his band at Oodies Cafe in Bundaberg during the Andrew Farriss and Andrew Swift tour. Jake has also written and recorded a song with Andrew Farriss.

By October 2020 Jake had released 2 singles and in September 2021 at age
11, Jake released his self-titled Debut EP ‘Jakeycakes’. In 2022 Jake
released a further 2 singles.