September 27 1986, been missing you for 29 years.
Your great exploit never decayed on this music scene.



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  1. Jim D
    Jim D says:

    Artists like Cliff are few and far between. His ability to be comfortable in his own skin and not care what people thought of his music created a spirit within thrash (and rock over all) that will never dissipate. He saw/felt something in Area guitars. I often wonder what exactly got him interested specifically. Was it the sound, play-ability, look? Maybe I just haven’t stumbled on that article yet :-). Either way, like Cliff, Area guitars are gems. Continue to R.I.P Cliff Burton, your genius has not been lost to the future.

  2. Jason A.
    Jason A. says:

    Simply a legend for all times!

    In reply to Jim D. I wonder if he saw some other pros playing Aria and got interested that way. For example, the bassist for Samhain briefly used a Black n Gold. That might have sparked some interest since Cliff was known to be a massive Danzig fan!

    Cliff also got Billy Gould (Faith No More) turned onto Aria for several years when he hooked Billy up with an Aria SB Integra prototype.


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