Aria is pleased to announce that Dana B. Goods
is once again taking on the role of exclusive Aria distributor in the USA.
Dana B. Goods is located in Southern California and was established in 1992.
Dana Teague of Dana B Good strongly feels “We are excited about the Aria
new offerings and look forward to working with our dealers and their
Our website is

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  1. Martin Perlman
    Martin Perlman says:

    A lady passing by my house, gave me an Aria acoustic with the model number W130, and the serial number 5719, Made in Japan, on the label inside. It also has a number on the wood inside, 60401. She said she got it in the sixties. She doesn’t play, and it’s like new. She was cleaning her place. Anyway, my roommate was a professional musician, has lots of good guitars, but this sounds better than all of them. Any idea when it was made? Thanks, Martin


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