Aria A-50S Classical Guitar Demo

Aria A Series respond to wide aspect of modern players needs.
Handcrafted with quality tone woods, A-50 is full size classical guitar with either solid spruce top or solid cedar top, rosewood back and side, ebony fingerboard, bone nut and saddle.
A-50S (Solid Spruce Top) / A-50C (Solid Cedar Top)

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  1. Russ Cloud
    Russ Cloud says:

    I own a aria classical model A543F ser#00653 don’t know much about it but seams to be a special guitar.Would appreciate any info that you know about it . thanks

    • Stefan Schmidt
      Stefan Schmidt says:

      The A 543 F is indeed a special guitar. The F stands for Flamenco. It is a very lightweight guitar designed in the way of traditional spanish flamenco guitars. It was built for Aria in the famous Matsumoku Plant from the late 60ies to mid 70ies. Excellent tone woods and craftsmanship. Very resonant, quick response, crisp and dry tone, pretty loud. Not so much sustain but good attack. This is what makes the difference beetween a classical and a flamenco guitar. Great playability, it came from the factory with very low action, almost like an electric guitar. This setting can easily be changed, however, since the bone nut and bridge are laid in loose, in the traditional spanish way, so that they can quickly be removed and replaced.
      This particular model has sides and back from sycamore or cypress wood, I think all solid, but I’m not sure about this. It looks solid, since the grain inside matches the outside perfectly.
      The A 553 F was available with solid high grade spruce or cedar tops and came from the factory equipped with a golpeador, a transparent protection shield of the top around the soundhole, which is typical for flamenco guitars, since flamenco players do a lot of hard rhytmic knocking with their fingers on the top.
      This Aria model is an exceptional good guitar. If in good condition, it sells for at least 350 to 400 € or $ and more. The A 543 F is very hard to find. In the last three years I have seen only one in the European market, and I bought it. New flamenco guitars of this quality level are pretty expensive.
      If you’re looking for a good flamenco model guitar and are lucky enough to find one of these at a reasonable price, don’t hesitate to buy it. You will be happy with this guitar. I am.

  2. Van Vugt Jacques
    Van Vugt Jacques says:

    I’m the happy owner of such a guitar (Aria 542F) – 1961 in excellent shape! If you have any interest, just leave a message.
    Kind regards,
    Jacques Van Vugt


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